Katy Brown’s new studio at Cremyll 2019

Katy Brown, my partner, painter and muse, has taken residence in the Earl of Edgcumbes old Cricket Pavilion, all she needs now is a rocking chair and a clay pipe.

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Paint Shack in the Jungle! 2017

With the goodwill and support of The RT Hon Robert Charles Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. I have the opportunity to restore and build a new studio in the woods. Photos are of the buildings progress.




Yasmin Naghdi - Soloist of the Royal Ballet

Photographer, Clare Kinchin's commissioned photo shoot, using 3 artists studios at Maker Heights (Rame School of Artists) for the backdrop.

Images were taken in Katy Browns studio, Steve Joys studio and my own.

Many thanks To Clare for these beautiful images.

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'In these Colours we Dream'

Edgar Modern - Nov 2015


Hypnagogic, 'In these Colours we Dream'

Hypnagogia, is a type of hallucinatory dream that can occur within the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep.

Goya, with his 'The Dream of Reason Produces Monsters' painting in 1799 and Henry Fuseli's 'The Nightmare' in 1781 are just two examples
of how painters over the years have tried to express the hypnagogic state.

From early childhood to present day I've always had Hypnagogic and prophetic dreams.
Abstract and fragmented shapes resembling people, animals, landscapes and sometimes even numbers seem to be projected in vivid flat colours, in front of my eyes.

Other dreams of dark creatures from other worlds, regularly sit on my bed at night, with their very real presence and smell paralysing me with fright.

These creatures from our dreams, probably gave rise to the medieval legend of the Succubus and Incubus.

'Hypnagogic and 'In these Colours we Dream', consists of two different bodies of work, representing the onset of wakefulness and the onset of sleep.

'Hypnagogic', began as an expression of the darker side of the conscious mind.
Succubus and Incubus mingle with voodoo figures, magic folklore, superstition and prophecy.

'In these Colours we Dream', started to take form as a reaction to the paintings from the Hypnagocic series.
Born from the notion, that vivid fragmented shapes are how we actually see our dreams whilst asleep,
which are then translated back to more familiar forms through the conscious mind, as we awake.

On this premise my work changed into large flat simple shapes of colour that could be likened to the back light of a computer screen.

This very 21st century form of 'new light' and colour seemed the perfect way to assemble my Hypnagogic vision.



Russell Gallery - Febuary 2015

“The Outsider”
26 February – 14 March 2015

For many years I have lived and worked in Cornwall and like a lot of Cornish Painters, I am an outsider looking in.
All Celtic communities retain a certain character of independence and after living here for a while, you realise that Kernow really does belong to the Cornish.

Living as an outsider can give rise to a type of solitary diffidence, not only from being alien to Cornwall’s traditions and way of life but also from its dark and rugged landscape.
It is a landscape that evokes timelessness and takes the mind from itself, leaving only the moment.

The term ‘outsider’ isn’t just about objective alienation; it also refers to me as a painter.
One who is predominantly self- taught and to be found outside of the artistic establishment.

Over the years, painters from Margaret Mellis to William Scott have translated this primordial County into shapes and symbols, symbols which have now become synonymous with the Cornish Art scene.
These Iconic shapes of Cornwall have fashioned a large part of my work.
Celebrating those enduring shapes and the residual legacy bequeathed by those creative outsiders, who were once looking out and into this enigmatic land.


The Russell Gallery

12 Lower Richmond Road
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Telephone: 0208 780 5228